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Medical pre-course

In about three months, you will learn the most important fundamentals that will help you achieve more success in medicine studies – whether in Germany or internationally. The statistics shows: 90% of our participants receive a medical examination place within one year. Ensure you also get the best prospects for your academic career.

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For example, in Germany, almost 55,000 applicants are enrolled each year for a study of medicine. Together with Austria and Switzerland, this results in a figure of over 67,000 people who hope for a place. However, only about one-fifth is actually given the chance to pursue a study of human or dental medicine in Germany. The average of final grades is decisive for this opportunity. If the average is over 1.3 (in this case: German Abitur) it´s already difficult. It can take up to seven years to finally get a university place. In other words, most applicants have to adjust to an idle situation, in which a pre-study course can be a useful option.

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The HUMANITAS Medical College

The HUMANITAS Medical College is considered to be one of the leading schools to prepare for an entrance examination at medical colleges and universities. Our aim and our own ambition is to prepare students interested in human, veterinary and dental medicine intensively for the start of the study. In doing so, we systematically present and agree all curriculum contents with the requirements of the medical courses in Germany, Austria and other European countries. In combination with realistic test simulations, a demonstrable success results in obtaining the desired study place through the pre-study course of medicine.

We are represented with nationwide learning centers throughout Germany. Among other places in the cities of Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. In addition to the classical pre-study course in medicine, interested people will also find English-language courses in order to prepare for admission examinations for international courses.

Following the pre-study course of medicine, graduates of HUMANITAS want to be first-class in preparation for study of medicine. This is why our curriculum is exactly geared to this goal. The participation gives a noticeable competitive advantage to other first-year students of medicine. You will be well-versed in the fields of anatomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics – and thus in all necessary subjects for admission exams.

It is especially important to us that participants can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves in a pleasant atmosphere. With us, they will not find crowded lecture halls, in which those who are interested in the studies would not have the opportunity to ask their questions. Instead, we want to maximize student performance. All teaching lecturers have the experience and the know-how to offer the students the training they need and which is necessary for a good preparation.


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